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August 10, 2005
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Ahead on our Way by hyperionwitch Ahead on our Way by hyperionwitch
Only FULL VIEW does this justice!! :heart:

LI3K OMG 4D\/3|\|7 C|-|1|_DR3|\|!!1one 1 C4|\|7 |/\|@17 F0R 73|-| 1337|\|355!!!!!!!!! |-|0R|\||_355 |-|0R|\||_355!!

Yes, well, anyway. For those of you who can't speak 1337, I can't WAIT for Advent Children, I'm all kinds of freaking out.

These are my three favorite guys from Final Fantasy VII, all Advent Children style! *giggles* They're in left-to-right order of my favoritism--Reno's first, then Cid (who I really didn't think I'd like), and Vincent. It's a close race really, but that's how it boils down. I would have submitted them all seperately, but I would have submitted them in the order I did them (same order as favoritsm) and I didn't want just one to be on my main page (until I upload something new). I love all three of them! So here they are, all three of them. If anyone wants the wallpaper version (it's smaller), tell me and I'll put it up in scraps.

Okay. This picture was basically an experiment in light sources (I'm using them now, yay!!) and colored shadows/highlights. Like Vincent. Red fabric with blue shadows is the biggest pain EVER. In fact, Vincent took the longest of the three (all this morning--I started CGing it around 11, I think, and I finished around 3:30...augh, my neck really hurts...) because I couldn't just use dodge and burn--I had to paint in the blue and use opacities and variations...and all sorts of stuff. Cid wasn't too bad, I just had to make the light source really bright (actually, it was his drawing that was the worst part--good LORD he's hard to draw correctly). Reno was the easiest. I really don't know why. I did do a colored shadow technique on his skin, though, and I think it turned out really well. Finally, many of the colors were taken from Advent Children screenshots--like some of the skin tones, some of the hair colors, and some of the clothing.

I'm sure, if you've read this far, you know what I'm about to say, but I will say it anyway. I'm incredibly, incredibly proud of how these turned out. *beams* Alright, I'm finished. :heart:

Reno, Cid, and Vincent all belong to Squaresoft
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Missywoot1124 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2010  Student Photographer
I really like this picture. I love Advent Children. It's the best movie ever. Reno's my favorite too. Today I watched the movie today and counted up how many times Reno and Rude fail at something. They fail 20 times. >.<
ink-angel Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Student General Artist
Love how vincent's gun is smoking. :) nice job.
Darkwolfgirl Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Really good ^^
snow-princess Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2006
I think Cid's face is a bit screwed up, but the pic overall is really good :D **faves**
kunoichi-kari Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2006
*drools over Reno* So hot....
Engill16 Featured By Owner May 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
WHOA!!!!!!!!...*drools* looks so awesome....*.*.........WHOA....everything about it is awesome....
amjl81 Featured By Owner May 2, 2006
*Gasps* It has Reno!!! It has Reno!! *Silently* And Vincent and Cid. It has Reno!
I like the style of the wallpaper, pretty neat, and the look on the faces. Real cool. Good job!
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner May 2, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, my kinda thinking (Cid would be a little louder, but...yeah). Thanks! ^^
RainBowDeath Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006   Writer
very wick'd and I would just like to say Reno is left handed :P and these 3 are my fav good guys.
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Hmm. Indeed. Oh well, he could just be holding it for showing-off purposes. ^^

Thanks. :heart:
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