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January 18, 2004
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Bound Together by the Roses--1 by hyperionwitch Bound Together by the Roses--1 by hyperionwitch
Well. One of two.

This would be Asher and Talia (both ~ gracifer's characters from the webcomic, ~PastofFourSouls and from my Pirates of the Caribbean sequel of the same title--find out more at the bottom of my journal)...with roses. And wings. And a light grey blanket.

Umm...lets see. This was spawned from the fact that I told ~gracifer that I would draw Asher and Talia for her...and from the fact that we took a whole bunch of tests at to find out stuff about the character of the aforementioned story. The one about which rose your soul was bound to and which wings do you have were the most interesting. And that is how this picture was born. (Oh um...if you want to take those quizzes, go to and go to popular quizzes--they're in there somewhere. Oh...not the wings one. Ask me if you want to take that one, and I'll get you the link.)

See...there's symbolism. Talia holds both roses (the white one is Asher's rose and Talia's is the yellow one), and Asher, behind her, holds her hand that has the white rose--however, his hand is only BEHIND the hand with the yellow rose, seeing as that one is Talia's, but his hand is still near it, seeing as...well. Okay. Don't want to go too far there. And this is probably making no sense anyway, unless you sort of understand...some stuff. I'm gonna shut up now.

Oh. The wings. Asher has angel wings and Talia has falcon wings. Man, those tests were amazing--it was crazy how close to the characters' real personalities they got. o_O

Anyway. Drawn while on the computer, looking around at DA, inked and colored while watching Dances with Wolves (a very good, albeit long, movie--I mean, c'mon...there's an intermission for goodness' sakes!). Inked with .01 and .005 micron pens (the new ones that my mom got me...I was too afraid to begin inking it with my old pens), colored with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils.

Overall, I think it turned out well. Of the two pictures (the other will be up in a moment or two), I can't say which one I like better. I like the warm colors, Talia's wings, Asher in general, and the hands. And the blanket. But I like things about the other one, too. Oh, by the way, Talia is looking at Asher, not at you. I had to clarify that.

I'm done now! Considering that I am so in love with these two pictures (as I said before, the second one will be coming soon), I really hope you like them!! ^^

Talia and Asher belong to ~gracifer
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nice job on the wings
hyperionwitch Jan 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, I've been practicing. ^^
*cues jaw drooping* Whoa. Awesome awesome awesome! :+fav:-ness!
hyperionwitch Jan 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^ lol
Going to take quiz now.
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