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September 24, 2012
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Galixnil - Fortune Teller - Part 4 by hyperionwitch Galixnil - Fortune Teller - Part 4 by hyperionwitch

After a painfully long argument with Hubris, Galixnil had had enough. She was tired of being uncomfortable as the card pointed out things to her, things she could scarcely argue against; she was tired of it repeating "your flaw is hubris" over and over. She was done.

She whipped around and began to stalk away. Surely there was a way out of this blasted place--she couldn't possibly be stuck here. If she walked far enough, there had to be an exit.

"You cannot run from this," Hubris called after her. Galixnil promptly ignored the voice. She continued walking, focusing on an inner monologue that assured herself that her flaw was not hubris, that her pride was justified and appropriate.

After she had gone some distance, she pause to glance back, wondering how far she had gone. She was shocked to see that Hubris was exactly as far away as it had been when she had started walking away. She had heard no movement, and it didn't seem as though the figure could even move. Infuriating! She trotted forward, keeping her eye on the lookalike, and she did seem to make some progress. She turned away again, moving forward some more, then when she turned to check on the card one more time, Hubris appeared to have caught up again! Galixnil clenched her fists, irate.