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April 2, 2012
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If You Want to Cross the Bridge, My Sweet by hyperionwitch If You Want to Cross the Bridge, My Sweet by hyperionwitch
Download for full details, please!

What's that you say? You think Poor Unfortunate Souls is a weird song to take a title from? Sure! I'm terrible at titles. lol

A bit ago I sketched Llaalruse as the High Priestess in a Tarot deck, and I wanted to finish it...but it seemed kind of silly to do a Tarot card with no accompanying pieces, so I just made it into a piece about the choices in Lal's life.

Particularly later in her life, she gets kind of conflicted about being a part of the Thieves Guild along with House Hlaalu--it's not that she's big into politics, she just happens to have Real Feelings for Crassius Curio while also thinking of the Guild as her family. I guess that's where the title comes in? She can't really switch completely to either side without losing something, so...she just kind of...tries really hard to straddle the line between the two.

There's a lot more to it--like why she's dressed the way she is, what the objects mean, etc, but I figure I won't bother explaining unless someone is actually interested. Y'know. Just to keep from being obnoxious.

Anyway. A Photoshop painting! I've been struggling with MyPaint lately, so I wanted to try going back to PS for a while. Honestly, this turned out so well that I think I might be going in...a good direction? I always think that! Who knows. Whatever works. Anyway, I spent a lot of time doing detail work on this, so I'm particularly happy with the result.

(I must have been in a Terezi mood when I worked on this. I picked teal and red for the colors, I was wearing teal and red that day...hmm.)

Elder Scrolls belongs to Bethesda
Llaalruse belongs to me
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This is so awesome :O I wish you could give your character that hairstyle in the game <3
hyperionwitch Jul 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, well, I suppose you can, if you play on PC and use mods. 'Course I suppose this particular lady's a bit weird, in that she wears a wig, but. *shrug*
400004 Jun 4, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I wouldn't mind hearing about meanings and stuff cuz I'm nosey :D probably be good for notes and stuff lols
I do love her clothing in this :)
hyperionwitch Apr 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
lol WELP. They aren't super deep, since I'm a bit lame, but let's see. Subbed for space-saving.

She's wearing a wig and half-dressed in red because it's a deconstruction of her fake persona, Venan Olethys (House Brother in House Hlaalu). Showing off both her normal self and her fake self is supposed to sort of tie into the two-sided thing.

On the left side, there are a bunch of objects that are...well, eminently stealable. It's a little shallow, since it implies that the only reason she sticks with the guild is for monetary reasons, so the Bal Molagmer gloves are there, too. For her, the guild is not only about being with the family she's been adopted into, but also about stealing from people who don't need it and giving it to people who do.

On the other side, love tokens from Crassius Curio. There's a lot of weird backstory with them, like how Lal is in love with him and he likes her a lot but frankly can't be with her because that's not his schtick and also he's a politician. Regardless, he does tend to send her little gifts, so she still can't get over him, and that tugs her away from the guild and into House Hlaalu.

The banner in the background is the symbol of House Hlaalu, which is appropriate since it also has to do with weighing things and, in this case, it's weighing decisions.

There were more things in it that related to the High Priestess card, since that's what she was going to be in the tarot thing (the flowers were going to be pomegranate blossoms, she has that veil partially covering her, originally there were going to be letters emblazoned on the banner in Daedric lettering--another High Priestess thing), but most were either axed or reappropriated.

lol I hope that interested you. I know it's not terribly deep, but I wanted to stay in the ES canon here. XD
It is ouo I love learning about other people's canon because, in a way, that's someone's take on the game itself and it's people XD I always imagine my girl didn't get along with House of Hlaalu because of a glitch that made them attack me on sight (ANY Hlaalu guard in ANY location...indoors or outdoors...there was armor piled in from of my home in Balmora LOL)
hyperionwitch Apr 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist

Haha oh man, that's a crazy glitch. Gotta suck, too--I love being in Balmora, I'd be sad if they'd all attack me there.
Right??? The only upside was I was allow to fight back since they had the whole 'they have to strike first rule' Power leveling FTW XD
I might have to draw a picture of this now or something XD
will stop wasting comment space on awesome picture ouo <3
hyperionwitch Apr 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
lol That's true, at least. XD

HAH, don't worry about that. Nobody comments much. lol BUT YES DRAW, YESSS.
PunkRoctorok Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
ah the great house hlaalu. greedy fucks xD.
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