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Linlin by hyperionwitch Linlin by hyperionwitch
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Name: Linlin
Gang: Ashbirds
Bending Technique: Flame – Linlin can create a small flame that she can hold in her hand. Mostly this is used for light and lighting candles and such, as it's not very useful beyond that.
Personality: Linlin somewhere between a mature teenager and an immature child—well, let's lean on the immature side, as her only mature aspect comes in the form of wanting to be independent of people she deems “stupid”. She is usually very grumpy and sullen, and she is capable of holding extremely long-lasting grudges. At her best, she is quiet and negative—at her worst (and more frequently), she is hotheaded and violent. She tends to come off as a loner, simply by virtue of her pessimistic attitude, but in fact she is constantly seeking attention (though she would never openly admit it—or possibly even realize it's the reason behind her actions) and will often complain to draw notice—and failing that, she will steal someone's things or light them on fire. She secretly wants friends but even when she acquires them, she has a habit of acting like a complete jerk simply because she's not sure how else to act. In general, she is still developing, and so she comes across as somewhat volatile territory, but really with some attention and patience she can be an okay young woman.
Past: Linlin grew up in the Fire Nation, the youngest of six children (the oldest of which was born ten years before Linlin, just to give an idea of the age range). As such, she was often somewhat neglected—a fact which she exaggerates in hindsight—and came to take out her frustration on her siblings. Whenever they had something she did not, usually something they no longer used, she would steal it. Her parents, busy with the other kids, did not have the time to stem this behavior and therefore Linlin's actions went unchecked.

Eventually her parents passed away from age taking its toll—they had started their family late to begin with, so by the time Linlin was eight, they had lived surprisingly long lives. Left with a family with no leader, the two eldest siblings took on the duty of taking care of the rest of the kids. At first, they too were too preoccupied to either pay much attention to young Linlin or notice her stealing, and so Linlin continued to stew in frustration and bad behavior.

Finally, she started to steal larger things in an attempt to actually garner some semblance of attention—and while this worked, it backfired sharply. Soon her oldest brother, Gao (who, mind you, still didn't know much about taking care of anyone but himself), began to notice and harshly scold her. Linlin, of course, did not much appreciate this sort of attention either, so she began to fight back. Usually, she would steal something, he would yell at her, she would yell back, and everyone would go to bed extremely uncomfortable. This continued for a few years until it came to a head around the time Linlin turned sixteen. By that point, she had started stealing money and extremely important objects from each of her siblings (save the next youngest, Cheng, who she considered her only friend). Gao, enraged that none of his yelling had fixed this problem, gathered the other siblings together and proposed that they essentially kick Linlin out; his argument was that she was sixteen and was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and it was becoming financially irresponsible to keep her at home, especially with everyone else getting jobs and her sitting around and taking everyone's things. Only Cheng argued against this, but since he was badly outnumbered, Linlin was ousted. Of course, this caused an argument of epic proportions, finally climaxing in Linlin screeching an Agni Kai challenge to Gao—which he accepted; he proceeded to soundly whoop her. Bitter and ashamed, Linlin declared that she was going to move away because “clearly no one wanted her here”. With that, and only a short goodbye and a promise to write to Cheng, she set out to find a place for herself in Jingdou.

Present: Naturally, when she arrived in Jingdou she realized she had absolutely no skills beyond a basic education and sticky fingers, so she dejectedly set about trying to find a place to stay and, to make money, decided to put her stealing skills to good use. However, one of these occasions was interrupted—by, as she later found out, a member of the Ashbirds by the name of Karma. After a slightly ill-fated encounter that ended in Linlin having to explain to some JEG why she wasn't a member of a gang—nor did she even know anything about gangs—she ran into Karma again and berated her about the entire situation. After a slightly heated conversation and an explanation of the group, Linlin eventually decided to join the Ashbirds to prove that she could handle being in a gang—and also because it was an opportunity to use her rather limited abilities for SOMETHING (and possibly garner a bit of attention in the process).

Future: Still trying to figure out what to do with her life, mostly Linlin is just in it to survive and prove that she isn't completely useless—and maybe make some sort of friends, though she'd rather punch herself than admit that. She also wants to get better at firebending so she can go back and kick Gao's sorry face in, but her frustration with her extremely poor bending usually gets in the way of that goal.

Other Notes:
  • Most of Linlin's jewelry—well, scratch that, all of Linlin's jewelry is stolen from her middle sister, Huan-yue, who was quite the fashionista and had more jewelry than she knew what to do with. For all Linlin got in trouble for stealing, much of what she took was stuff that she knew her siblings didn't even use.

  • For those interested, the order of siblings goes something like this: Gao (26), Yao Niang (22), Huan-yue (20), Shaoqiang (19), Cheng (17), Linlin (16)

  • Whenever Linlin says “my brother” she is almost invariably referring to Gao, who she despises.

  • Linlin, the rest of her family, has a rather noticeable underbite. Hers is definitely the most pronounced in her family, much to her misfortune.

  • It is slightly interesting to note that Linlin insists that she has no interest in what she looks like at all and therefore dresses in drab, somewhat shapeless clothing and covers her eyes entirely. A part of her would actually like to look nice, but she is convinced that there's no point in trying because she is decidedly not as attractive as either of her sisters and therefore will never succeed. It probably didn't help that Huan-yue constantly teased her about her underbite and her ever present scowl.

  • Actually, just in general it should be noted that Linlin has relatively low self esteem. Most of her actions can be explained by this, though she denies it and thinks nothing is wrong with herself—in fact, she will vehemently defend herself against accusations, sometimes to the point of being physical. Cheng has had to put up with this more than once, the patient soul.

  • Linlin does not understand most jokes and absolutely does not get sarcasm. When faced with someone being sarcastic, she usually thinks they are being serious. This is probably due to a serious lack of sarcasm in her household.

  • If she is told she cannot do something or it is implied that she cannot do something (as in she is not able, not as in she's not allowed), she tends to take it very badly and will immediately go off to prove she CAN, just so that she isn't seen as a failure. This often gets her into heaps of trouble—and usually ends exactly the opposite as Linlin wishes.


Welp, Linlin finally shows her grumpy face. She is definitely the rebellious jerk of my Jingdou group. And she's rather complicated (and a little hard to RP), so thank God I intend for her to develop through the levels. She needs somebody to convince her to stop being so stupidly down on herself.

Font: Just The Way You Are

Karma belongs to *ShadowsAndLight
Linlin and her family belong to me

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celenegood Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
here back story made me sad :(
But I love her out fit!
If Linlin would like, Shi-Ling would like to have her as a friend o3o she's not half bad at cheering grummy people. :D
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, it would certainly be good for her. That'd be nice She needs somebody who will put up with her. Perhaps an RP should take place at some point? :D
celenegood Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconlawooplz: I would love too. one problem though, I suck at RPing :iconsadplz:
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
lol Aw man, all you gotta do is...super vaguely say what your character is doin' and sayin'. Practicin' is good, too.
celenegood Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've done some with my other oc's. I give it a shot :D
Tomarrow though, It's like midnight here and my brain is not working at all :)
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Oh gosh, yeah. Same here.
Raybucho Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
whipyohair Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
D'awww! I love her hair! :D

But her history. It makes me sad. :(
monikoko Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011
mmggghhhhnn!! She is awesome. I like how detailed your OC's are D:
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