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Old World Eclectic by hyperionwitch Old World Eclectic by hyperionwitch
You have no idea how glad I am this is finally finished. See colorful bullets below for contest information.

This would be all of my fan characters. Well…except the ones that are all named Lakai and all are pale with blonde, spiky-worn hair, and blue eyes. I only put in my more unique characters (coincidentally all my more recent creations). I also did not include my PSO character, my RO characters, or my Morrowind character.

It took a really, really long time. I did each character separately, then combined them and colored them as a group. I started off with the ambition of full cell shading, got lazy, decided to just do the hair, then the white things (~gracifer’s suggestion), then the weapons, then the shiny things, then everything but the normal clothes (like…non-shiny clothing or non-white clothing). I had so many layers. I mean, I had a folder for each subject--hair, clothes, skin, tools, accessories, eyes--and a layer for each character in each folder. But it turned out very well. I did my best on the figures then did pretty well on the coloring. :heart:

:bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue: This picture also doubles as a CONTEST!!

---The deal is this; you name what each character is a fan character for. For instance--if I created a Digimon character, you could say she was from Digimon and you would be right. Only I’m obviously not telling you what each of them are from. That would be unintelligent. I will give you their names, though, first and last, if applicable.


:bulletblue: You can only enter once.

:bulletblue: It isn’t really required, per se, but please, PLEASE try to guess for all of them. Even if you have no idea, just guess. It’s all for fun anyway. ^^

:bulletblue: You don’t have to get them all right. I know for a fact that some of these are created for very obscure things or they are not blatantly obvious, even if you have seen what they are from. Some are, but others are not. It all depends.

:bulletblue: All of the characters are either from a video game, an anime/manga, a movie, or a book. Hint, only one of them is from a book.

:bulletblue: ~gracifer and ~adam003 are ineligible to win because they know what all of the characters are from.

:bulletblue: Please send guesses through notes. You don’t want other people stealing your guesses. Normal comments on the picture (which would be much appreciated, as well) should be left in comments on the picture as usual. Not that I really needed to tell you that or anything, it is kind of a dead giveaway.

:new: :bulletblue: I forgot to mention it earlier, you can look through my gallery for characters. Not all of them are posted, but quite a few of them are.


You have to get the most correct. The prize is a free drawing. Please, please enter, I’d like to hear your guesses. :heart: The deadline is June 30th.

CHARACTER NAMES (from left to right): Seela’vei “Ren” (red-violet), Digital (with spray can), Sivrae Ronso (blue), Kiusi (purple hair), Cecelia Nicolae (with scythe), Jeneva Rumer (with card), Pandora Erheala (sitting in dress), Moyashi (with armor), Amaris Duvessa (little girl), Sailor Andromeda (in sailor suit), Sarah “Pandora” Warren (seated with sword), Raven (with microphone), Lakai Miyonshi (green), Unnamed Fairy (flying above everyone).

All characters belong to me
Things they are created for belong to the people who made those things
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Sandgoddess-Naomi Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
Whoooo! OMG!
JSRF AND Space channel 5!
I love those games!
These are some really awesome character designs! Go you!
beefmerciful Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2005  Student
truly intense. you girls are outch'yo fuckin' mind...

in a good way.

how can i get prints/originals from you and/or grace? i need stuff to decorate my dorm.
bornbruised Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2005   Writer
Dude, this is so awesome. All your characters came out great! I woulda guessed at them, but I really only recognize a few, and I think you woulda been laughing your ass off at my guesses for the rest of them, since I would have been pulling things out of my ass. But as a picture, I really enjoy this. Like I said, everyone looks totally awesome. I think my favourites are Digital and Sivrae, though it was tough deciding. <3
scrum-yummy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005
I wouldn't know where to begin O_O I think I MIGHT have recognized ONE of those's a really cool illustration, though =)
greyallison Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
By the way, here's my entry for your contest: They are ALL from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Ohoho! That's right, fools! I WIN! :nod:
greyallison Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
OMG man. Just, like...OMG. I've been putting off commenting on this, because I just have so much to say! For now, my mind is dead, and this will have to suffice:

Dude, I can barely look at this. You are so much better than me I just want to die! I'm sooo jealous, I would sell my soul to be, like, a millionith as good as you!!!

Ahaha. :hug:
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Way to be t3h 3/\/\0. :heart:

Thank you quite a lot. ^^
michael-angelo Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wicked!! ALL your characters! Must. Fav.This.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meh... stupid me! Probably only got the most obvious one right. And maybe not even them.

Sorry... missed out the 'notes' part. Really sorry 'bout that. Far too early in the morning for me... :(
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
It is okay about the notes thing, I just got this comment after telling you about the notes part in a reply... ^^; So now I am sorry for reminding you even though you already saw it. lol Roundabout.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks stunning...

I'll try. But can't guarantee anything...

Sivrae Ronso (blue) - ... Gargoyles...?
Kiusi (purple hair) - Pokémon
Jeneva Rumer (with card) - Yu-Gi-Oh?
Moyashi (with armor) - Dragonball Z
Sailor Andromeda (in sailor suit) - Sailor Moon

Meh... Sorry. Must be too early for me... ^^;
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much, but (and though it is sort of too late to say it now) please send guesses through notes. Thanks again, though! :heart:
StickMastah Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2005
O_O very awesome!!! excellent job on the general anatomy if of, well, ALL the characters.
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