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Roxanne 'Roxy' Bradshaw by hyperionwitch Roxanne 'Roxy' Bradshaw by hyperionwitch
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Name: Roxanne "Roxy" Bradshaw
Age: 16
Status: In-Training
Element: Earth
Shen Gong Wu of Choice: Changing Chopsticks
Home: London, England

Personality: While Roxy is mostly a sociable human being, relatively willing to help people out (especially friends) and share her knowledge, she has a habit of becoming annoyed in a heartbeat. Most things aggravate her, so even though she'll be happy to talk with friends, she will probably be at some stage of the slow, downward spiral into grinding her teeth and flipping tables. She complains a lot, since so much irritates her, and she does have a bit of a problem with snapping at people who disregard her abilities. This isn't to say she hates everyone or is constantly unkind, it mostly just means she'll be seen grimacing comedically or rubbing her temples a lot.

Roxy is not actually a very good fighter--instead her skills lie in being more clever than others (and she is willing to fight to the death over this point). She may not be the best at kicking someone's ass, but she will certainly figure out a way for them to end up kicking their own ass.

Lastly, she is a whiz with technology. She spends most of her free time tinkering--taking calculators apart, building little machines, that kind of thing. She's by no means the best at it--she is talented, thanks to years of practice, but we're not talking genius-level stuff or anything--but she has sheer force of will on her side, so if something stumps her...well, she'll just keep working on it until there's nothing left to work on. In fact, tinkering with technology is just about the only thing she will jump to do in an instant--most of the time, she is just the slightest bit lazy, preferring to sit around and do what she wants rather than do chores, important tasks, homework...whatever.

  • She always wears that hat (if possible)--she hates having long hair, but her parents won't let her cut it, so she just hides it in her favorite hat.

  • She has a tendency to get really cold all the time, so she wears lots of layers. Oversized clothing is her favorite for this task.


Hurr hurr. Don't start with me.

Technically I was just gonna join this because Mini asked me, but it actually sounds pretty fun. PLUS missions are really, really casual (at least compared to other things). I sketch all the time, and this is kind of a good opportunity to get some srs sketching done with some interesting poses. Plus my sketches are clean so...hopefully I don't have to do anything else to them. *flutters eyelashes at Mini*

Anyway, so here's Roxy. She's technically a remade version of one of my older characters (same name, same fandom--even though I knew nothing about the fandom except JACK SPICER AWRIGHT, different setting and alignment).

XS belongs to its creator
Roxy belongs to me

rikarai Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
HEY ROXY LAURENT SAYS YOU'RE STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL and that he wants to touch your hair
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Roxy: ...What?? Uh, alright, I guess, that's not strange at all.
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