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Ryn - Freshman Knight by hyperionwitch Ryn - Freshman Knight by hyperionwitch
Name: Ryn
Island: Obsidian Ridge
Loftwing's Name: Capoll
Age: 18
Height: 5'11"
Gender: Female
Personal Items: Empty bottle, sailcloth (doubling as shawl), whirlwind boomerang, magic beans
Personality: By appearances, Ryn seems like an exhausted and somewhat unenthusiastic young lady--a sufferer of numerous sleep issues, she has difficulty restraining her yawns and tends to walk around looking like she's in a daze.  Still, she's much improved over the way she was when she first joined the academy.  A bit brighter and smilier, she's more active than she used to be, and she tries to be more outgoing and friendly.  Of course, by comparison to most people, this is still on the low end of emoting, but to those who knew her before, she'll seem vastly improved.  That said, her slow manner of speech and the stunted amount of energy she can put into her actions and emphasis still makes her seem a bit like she's either half awake or being extremely sarcastic about things (when in actuality, she's only sarcastic a little bit of the time).
Brief Bio: The child of a couple of fairly successful shopkeeps, Ryn was always a very sleepy child and usually didn't get up to much. She seemed so unmotivated that her parents began to dig up things for her to do in an attempt to knock some energy into her. Despite best attempts, all Ryn seemed interested in was gardening and falling back asleep. As a last ditch effort, they suggested she go to Skyloft and join the academy, and with thoughts of verdant locales in mind, Ryn agreed.

  • I figure I should be specific about her sleep issues. She has hypersomnia (quite tired all day--can fall asleep often and take spontaneous naps in weird places, but she doesn't do so against her will like with narcolepsy) and somnambulism (sleep walking! mostly just when she's sleeping at night). Some additional side effects include speaking very slowly and some memory issues.
  • Ryn spent some time getting over her sleep issues, so her nightmares have mostly subsided (though they do occasionally pop up).  As such, she's resumed being extremely sleepy but otherwise pleasant.
  • She has also started making more of an attempt to be a good student and, more recently, a good knight.  She's not particularly adept at combat, but she's gotten much better at using her boomerang, and she can stand to be active for longer periods of time after ample practicing.
  • Her hat was made by Leenan!  She loves it.


SHE'S A KNIGHT NOW!  Babby Ryn is growing up.  Also literally, as she's two years older than she once was, haha.  I tried to edit her personality and info to reflect that she's a bit more upbeat now.  She's still sleepy all the time and she talks really slowly, but she's better at going out and doing things, which is a plus!  She also smiles a lot more now and can wear clothes that aren't completely rumpled and messy.  Hooray!

Zelda-related things belong to Nintendo
Ryn and Capoll belong to me

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Pretty cool!
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Thank you for this work.
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