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Eleanor 'Saffron' Marcus by hyperionwitch Eleanor 'Saffron' Marcus by hyperionwitch
FOR ~codeBRINK. LOL I love this character. But her backstory is a mess. Sorry about that. My brain just doesn't want to agree with me on this one. ^^;

Other than that, though, she's awesome. I am oddly pleased with her. XD


Name: Eleanor “Saffron” Marcus

Weapon: Smoke and Mirrors

Homeworld: Bioshock (Fort Frolic)

Ability: Eleanor's keyblade allows her to teleport wherever she likes (within a certain radius of her being). When she disappears, she goes in a puff of singed and burning scraps of paper, and when she reappears (not too much later), the air seems to shimmer around the area in which she's going to show up just before she does reappear.

Backstory: Eleanor Marcus grew up in a normal family with a normal life--though she considered it quite boring. Frustrated by living such a run-of-the-mill life, Eleanor turned to books, learning about more exotic cultures and traditions. She became fascinated with the idea of sword swallowing and actually managed to train herself in the art (though not very well and with some serious good luck in not badly injuring herself). Upon realizing there was little practical use for this talent in her hometown--or any nearby areas--she began looking for a place to relocate. She heard about Rapture and decided to give it a shot.

However, Rapture had no use for sword swallowing either. She found her way to Fort Frolic, where a man by the name of Sander Cohen was more than happy to suggest a different sword to swallow, and with some reluctance, Eleanor took the only job available to her--working as a stripper at The Seahorse.

Eleanor never grew to love her job, but she did find it somewhat gratifying at times. She was often complimented on her skill and beauty, which she couldn't help but enjoy, and she met a woman who made her realize that men would never bring her pleasure, and most of all, she became mired in the world of plasmids--for the most part.

She only spent a year delving into ADAM before the 1959 New Years Riots swept over Rapture and left the place in bloody, broken shambles--even touching Fort Frolic. Left without a job, aching for ADAM, and somewhat unstable of mind, Eleanor did what most Splicers did at that point; wander aimlessly in search of Little Sisters--among other pleasurable things. Now free of her questionable job, she decided to call this riot a “revolution” of sorts, a chance for her to live the high life she now desired. She spent her time in Rapture living as lavishly as she could--dressed in fine clothing, drinking martinis and smoking at the finest bars (fortunately, she did not notice how utterly destroyed Rapture was at this point), only occasionally breaking this habit to scrounge for ADAM.

One day, while wandering the outlying halls of Fort Frolic, Eleanor came across a lone Little Sister. Apologizing, she went to put the little girl out of her misery when she heard the telltale screeching groan of a Big Daddy. She scrambled to her feet and took off running, knowing she was really no match for that horrible thing. She managed to make her way to a Bulkhead and slammed it shut behind her with some difficulty. Unfortunately, on the other side of that door was something much more terrifying than a Big Daddy--a hoard of writhing, black creatures. She groaned. Not something else to fight. She pulled out her revolver and tried shooting them, but it seemed as though it didn't affect the creatures at all. She slowly backed up until she hit the bulkhead door again, now much more frightened than before--these things were not of flesh and blood, and that was definitely more concerning. She fumbled around for something she could use to fend them off and came upon her cigarette holder. Before she could process what happened, it glowed brightly and suddenly in her hand there sat a long weapon, somewhat like an odd sword made of--strange as it seemed--long cigarettes. From the end of it hung her cigarette holder, and it was smoking and smouldering from the tip.

“Better than nothing,” she said with a shrug, then she started swinging it at the creatures. Unfortunately for her, she was awful at melee fighting and couldn't hit a single creature. Now ever more scared, she desperately hoped she could get out of that small trap of a room--when suddenly she was just gone. She was, in fact, at a nearby bar she frequented, and there were no creatures to be seen.

It took her a few more tries to realize that the strange weapon she now held could teleport her wherever she wanted (within reason)--and that it could change back into her cigarette holder should she want it to do so. She spent a few weeks messing with the thing, but finally decided she could use it to her advantage--which, she noted, was essentially to whack things that bothered her, or to run away from anything she couldn't handle. However, she noticed that those weird black creatures were drawn to her more when she wielded it--which meant she had to actually fight them off. The more they appeared, the more she disliked them, both annoyed by their presence and disliking their very unnatural beings.

One day, a strange, small young woman wandered into a bar at which Eleanor sat, sipping a martini as usual. Someone entering the area was not in itself unusual, but the fact that she did not look as horribly deformed or bloodied as the Splicers running around Rapture seemed a bit unusual. After a short moment in which Eleanor questioned the girl as to where she came from and what she wanted (shortly after pulling her bizarre weapon on the stranger), the girl explained that what she wielded was a “keyblade” and that with it she could fight the “Heartless” (Eleanor assumed these were the black creatures).

It did not take much persuading to get Eleanor to leave with the girl--who called herself Hotaru. Rapture was beginning to bore her--the only thing keeping her there was her woman, her booze, and her ADAM, and she was told she could return whenever she needed to. Since the only stipulation she had to agree to was “fighting the Heartless”, she decided it was not too terrible a sacrifice--and besides, it was something new to do.

Other: Eleanor is by no means a pleasant person. She is high-brow, classy, and she considers herself above most people. She believes herself to be beautiful and unmarred, dressed in the best clothing and entitled to star treatment in most situations. Due to these things, she tends to look down upon most people she meets, and if they do not seem to agree with her assessment, she throws a fit. In that state, she is just as likely to storm off as she is to outright attack--to put it another way, she becomes unstable. She will calm down after a moment, but she is even less fun to be around when she is in a state. It should be obvious that she does not see these fits as unusual. She recognizes that things have changed in Rapture (though she doesn't seem to notice the damage to architecture--only to “disgusting Splicers”;), but she believes that she has merely adapted to these changes--not been changed herself.

All of that said, she downright does not like the various unusual creatures running around in the 'verse (Heartless, Nobodies, Neosouls). She sees them as unnatural things that do not belong in this world, and she is surprisingly apt to fight them off when she sees them. She will not go out of her way to hunt them down, but if she comes across them, she won't simply turn her back.

“Saffron” was Eleanor's stage name at The Seahorse. As she has decided this whole Keyblader business is a new start for her, she does not like to use it very often.

Eleanor's lover, another performer named Jeanette, also is Splicer, exponentially crazier after everything went down in Rapture (she used ADAM a lot more than Eleanor did). She is a white/plastered splicer, and therefore she does not talk. Eleanor, who is fiercely protective of Jeanette when they are together, does not seem to notice the lack of speaking and talks to her as if nothing has changed.

She once admired Sander Cohen deeply, therefore she models her sense of class and elegance after him. She is still of the impression that he is a great man with an awe-inspiring artistic vision. She thinks his art piece on the main stage in Fort Frolic is brilliant.

Eleanor is rarely seen without a cigarette and a martini glass with something strong in it--sometimes seperate, sometimes both at once (it depends on where she is). Aside from ADAM, they are her two biggest vices.

Naturally, she is somewhat dependent on ADAM, which means she must make trips back to Rapture to try to get it from Little Sisters (which is both extremely difficult and usually time consuming).


Name: Smoke and Mirrors
Ability: Teleportation
Atk: 2
Def: 1
Mgc: 4
Reach: Medium
Personality: Smoke and Mirrors is, as one might expect, rather dissimilar to Eleanor. It has a much more even temper (though its idea of an even temper is more like "constantly smouldering with irritation"), and it is much more realistic. It understands the need for its ability--to escape from danger--and along with that understanding, it has a much more down-to-earth stance on everything. For instance, it gets that Rapture is a huge crap hole and everything went hell already. It also understands that Eleanor is a bit crazy--but due to that, everything it tells her goes unheeded, washed away in the numerous other things going on in her mind. Until she is told that her keyblade is communicating with her, Eleanor will not know that. And that annoys Smoke and Mirrors a bit. Sometimes it plays tricks on her (blowing smoke in her face, teleporting her somewhere else, etc.) to get back at her.


Bioshock stuff belongs to 2K Games
Hotaru belongs to ~GothicOrVintage
Eleanor belongs to me
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Zouziias Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Student Filmographer
Wow, that back story really doesn't make sense whatsoever. But her design? Fabulous. :- )
HOBO-7o Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
its hard to find people that can actually pull of their own splicer, i'm in the process of creating one at the moment, but yours looks great :) I'm addicted to BIOSHOCK like a splicer to Adam lol
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, aww, thank you! XD I wish you luck! Splicers are delightfully...messed up. lol
Padoras-Locket Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
saw this and knew it wa bioshock and squeed! <333
i love her!
TrasaricComnenus Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010
Errmm, minor nitpick here. People on the surface don't know of Rapture. It would make more sense if she were an entertainer for Rapture who turned to prostitution when things went bad. She'd hardly be the only one.
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
She went to Rapture at the beginning--when everyone went there originally. lol Thank you for the suggestion, though.
Yin-YangGuardian Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010
It's a nice drawing, let me get that out first. However, seeing as how she is a splicer, I probably would've deformed her more. Just so that the delusions that she is on top and she has the beauty to show it has bit more irony in it. Just an opinion, feel free to respond (or not) however you wish.
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I considered that, yes, but the reason she's less deformed is that she is less corrupted by ADAM. She started splicing muuuuch later than most. Potentially, she could get worse. lol It is a good point, yes, and the irony would be delightful, but that's my reason.
Yin-YangGuardian Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010
Arrgh! So many English errors on my part! Where is my brain?!
Cerelin Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010
Her keyblade is such a neat design.
Grim-Tales Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this. : D
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
B'aww, thank you! :heart: It is a delightful game.
Grim-Tales Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Never a problem. : D
I love all of your work.
And I totally agree. C:
Miyanko Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hyperionwitch Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Yeeeee! :heart:
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